Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My First Ever MS assignment

Ok, let start the ball rolling with the cliche stuff, MY FIRST MS ASSIGNMENT!!!

Well, considering that I had started out late in the month and new in this line, there wasn't really much MS for me to choose from (or rather none, except if you consider flying to other states without any fee as one).

Finally on one late night, I logged into one newly signed up company and checked for any MS near my area:
there was it, my first assignment. It was one of those left over retail MS that people did not picked it up as it had specfic criteria for the clothing sizes and I fit the description of the assignment. Seeing no harm in trying, I just wrote that my size is blah blah blah and the next day when I opened my inbox, I actually got that MS. :)

To think that it was stated on the company web that it would take awhile to get the first job and I got it at my first try. Lucky me, YAY!!! (Well, it until later that I realised that it was really one left over MS that nobody was interested and I happened to pick it up by chance)

IT WAS THE FIRST MS THAT I GOT!!! I was super duper excited, printed out the brief and survey, read it over and over again. I was just so nervous and uptight about the MS, another thing was that I had no idea how to get there. I had not even heard of this place before...

Then again, there was always internet search for me and I used the public transport (PT) web to get all the information I needed to get there by PT. The second best help was from the PT driver, he was helpful and told me to sit near the entrance so that he could inform me when I reached the destination.

On the day itself, I had 2 MS on hand, both at the same site (with a bit of walking distance from each other. The other one was a fast food MS, maybe I would write about it later, but just focus on the first one)

I walked into the site (as it was located within a big department store) and there was no other customer on sight. The salesperson was busy with sorting out some stocks that she did not see me coming in. I was replaying all the scenario instructions in my brain at that time again and again just afraid that I might slip something off my mind. I acted out accordingly to the brief instruction when I was approached by the staff (not really naturally but I presumed it was ok). Following by the usual wait for the staff to recommend the new clothings and stuff. Then with a full hand of clothes in the sales hand, off we went to the fitting rooms.

Phew, cold sweat was coming out of my hands and the back of my neck as I was trying through all the recommended clothing (Oh, I love some of their clothes, but the pricing was way too over my budget). It was just so hard to come up with objections well except for the pricing which I thought nothing could really be done about it.

Finally, I managed to say that those clothings did not fit my shape well and bid goodbye to the staff but she was still very polite to say goodbye to me.  Well, there was one thing I did forgot to take note, the brand beside the assigned brand, so I retracted my steps and "sneaked" in the department store again to fill that up on my survey. (There was also a called follow up for the assignment but there wasn't anything fun so I shall skip it)

That was pretty much how my first MS goes and as for the filling up of the survey, I went to the underground parking lot and sat at the chairs located at the carpark entrance to answer the questions in the survey. Although I did get a lot of weird looks from people walking pass me but I figured out that it doesn't matter to me.

PS: To sidetrack abit for this blog, I am going to start writing some new stuffs  not related to MS when I am more free.

Monday, August 2, 2010

How I become a MS

After 6 consecutive month of being jobless, looking at my number in bank dropped significantly, I finally decided to do something about it.

There came this night where my friend enter into his school portal and told me that there is a company that is advertising for MS. Well, it sound like a good idea especially when I can do with extra money coming in beside doing my usual PSY test. (Just want to clarify that I am not a psycho, not now, not ever or maybe a little bit. HAHA...)

I emailed the person in charge and download whatever was listed on their website. There comes my first application for MS. Oh well, I logged on and found no job listed, so I decided to try my luck by doing a google search.

DaDang... The search was quite a sucessful one for me, manage to find a few more MS company. I signed up one by one for the different company and then I finally find one that allowed me to sign up for job that I was able to set the date that I am free on.

I was thrilled and applied for whichever job that I could do however unfortunately, there were always limitation set up each individual company as to how many jobs we can uptake per month, plus the location restriction etc... It was not easy for me since I was completely clueless as to how MS worked. I started out by reading the instruction over and over again. But still, I guess experience does matter in every job, I sort of forgot some of the question and blank out for a while. But I managed to remember the instruction last minutes and completed the MS with the cold sweat breaking out from my head and hands.

Woowho...That is pretty much how my life as a MS started, tune in more to know more about the adventure that I have as a newbie MS and the good and bad side of being a MS.